Prenatal Care and Birth 

The Nurse-Midwives believe that every woman has within her the inner strength and wisdom to assist her throughout her life. We also believe that each woman gains strength and wisdom from the women who surround her and support her. For pregnancy and birth, we emphasize self-education to make informed choices about birth options. We believe that it is your birth, and our role is to insure safe passage for you and your baby.

We utilize non-intervention therapies to promote the natural progress of labor and provide pain management. We believe in avoiding the use of routine interventions such as IVs, continuous electronic fetal monitoring and episiotomy. We encourage women to move: to walk, rock, sway, squat, or dance. We encourage women to eat and drink throughout the labor process. Women are encouraged to labor and deliver in the position that is most comfortable for her: reclining in the water, hands and knees, squatting or on the birth stool. We encourage immediate breastfeeding, and never separate the newborn from her parents. Routine newborn procedures can be delayed or declined if you prefer. We have many tools to assist a woman through the birth process, such as hydrotherapy, use of optimal positioning, music, therapeutic touch, and labor support. We want to help you achieve a satisfying birth experience…. by your definition!

We encourage family and friends participation, and support the attendance of siblings at birth in the Alternative Birth Center at West Suburban Medical Center.

We offer natural, nutritional herbal and homeopathic options and utilize acupuncture, chiropractic care, and hypnosis for pregnancy symptom relief, turning breech presentations and post-dates management.

To learn more about midwives, read the article What is a Midwife? written by Gayle Riedmann, CNM for Expectant Mother’s Guide online.