As of December 22nd, 2015, West Suburban Medical Center Family Birthing Center will now offer Nitrous Oxide gas as a source of pain relief for laboring patients. 

We are thrilled to deliver babies at the first hospital in Chicagoland, and to be the first midwifery practice in Illinois, to provide Nitrous Oxide to their patients.

Use of Nitrous Oxide as a labor analgesic is quite common in Europe, and has a proven track record of safe outcomes for both mother and child. Patients will be offered a mask pre-set to release 50% Nitrous Oxide and 50% Oxygen, which they can breathe from on their own, and take on and off as they please. The gas is most effective when timed with contractions, as the therapeutic window is quite short. This is a benefit of using Nitrous Oxide in the place of regional or narcotic pain relievers - its effects dissipate within minutes and leave no residual grogginess. 

For more information about the use of Nitrous Oxide as a source of pain relief during labor, please read the article below. 

Nitrous Oxide for Labor Analgesia: Expanding Analgesic Options for Women in the United States