Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Do the West Suburban Midwives attend home births?
Answer: We do not. West Suburban Midwives attend births exclusively at West Suburban Medical Center in the Alternative Birth Rooms.
Question: Do I have to see a doctor first to diagnose my pregnancy before I start care with the midwives?
Answer: No, you do not. Once you have initiated prenatal care, you will meet our collaborative physician later in your pregnancy.
Question: Do you attend women who desire a vaginal birth after cesarean section?
Answer: Yes, we do! We support women who wish to have a trial labor for VBAC!
Question: What about 2 previous cesareans?
Answer: No, we do not attend women who have had 2 previous cesarean sections.


Question: Does WSMA accept public aid/Medicaid?
Answer: Unfortunately, at this point in time we cannot. Though the midwives cannot bill public aid for their services (prenatal care, delivery, and post partum care), the labs, ultrasounds, and hospital do accept public aid. For more information, please see our billing page.
Question: Can I make a payment through the Patient Portal?
Answer: Not at this time. Please call our office at 708-848-3800 to make a payment over the phone, mail your statement with your credit card number or check, or pay in person at the front desk.


Question: Can I schedule an appointment through the Patient Portal?
Answer: You may request an appointment through our portal, but because of the specificity of our scheduling, you cannot schedule an appointment yourself. For this reason, it is often quicker to call our office at 708-848-3800 to schedule.