Obstetric Patients

1.  Please read the details below based on your coverage. 

2. Fill out our Insurance Verification Form before your first visit. We will review it with you and provide you an estimated cost for your care.

Obstetric Patients - Insured

Please call your insurance and provide the following information to confirm our practice is covered by your insurance: WSMA Tax ID 36-4387686 or NPI number 1447395108 (Dr. Brotman) or 1073636171 (WSMA). 

As a courtesy to you, we will also contact your insurer to get an estimate of your expenses for Global Maternity Care. Global Maternity Care includes all prenatal visits, phone calls, labor attendance and birth, postpartum visits in hospital and postpartum office visits at 2 weeks and 6 weeks. Please note that insurance companies may process claims for patients who transfer care differently.

You will be responsible to pay the amount your insurance does not cover (such as co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance) prior to 36 weeks. Our billing staff will review your estimate with you in advance.

This estimate is ONLY for your global maternity charges and does not include the following:

  • Hospital facility fees

  • Diagnostic testing (such as fetal monitoring)

  • Ultrasounds

  • Lab work

  • Newborn Exam

Ultrasounds are billed by Ob/Gyn Ultrasound Company Souma Diagnostics. Your labs/blood work will be drawn at our office and sent with your insurance to off-site laboratories (Quest, West Suburban Hospital, or Genzyme).

HMO Patients

West Suburban Midwife Associates is contracted with West Suburban Health Providers, Site #100. We are currently accepting BCBS HMO Ilinois, Cigna, Aetna and Humana HMOs.

Obstetric Patients: Uninsured/Self-Pay

If you are uninsured, our self-pay option works like this:

The cost for Global Maternity Care at WSMA is is all-inclusive. Global Maternity Care includes all prenatal visits, phone calls, labor attendance and birth, postpartum visits in hospital and postpartum office visits at 2 weeks and 6 weeks. There are no hidden costs or surcharges.

It is not less expensive if you start prenatal care later, as the package is all-inclusive. The usual cost of Global OB service is discounted 15% for cash or check self pay, but we do not discount for credit card use. Your account must be paid in full due prior to 32 weeks.

It can be paid all at once in the beginning, or divided into installments. Please call or e-mail for the cost and breakdown of self-pay charges.

Hospital facility fee charges are separate from ours - they charge for use of facilities, while ours is provider fees and outpatient care. For the hospital facility fee charges, a discounted package can be arranged via a self-pay option with the hospital, West Suburban Medical Center. They have their own plan, which is discounted for self pay for a 2-day hospital stay.

NOT INCLUDED in self pay costs: Lab fees, Ultrasound, Non-Stress Testing (NST), Hospital fees.

  1. LABS: We send all blood work to West Suburban Hospital or Quest Labs, a separate agreement for discounted lab costs can be arranged for uninsured patients.

  2. ULTRASOUNDS: All ultrasounds can be done at our office with the ultrasound company Souma Ob/Gyn Diagnostics, who will discount as well. Their current cost is $350-450 per ultrasound. Ultrasounds can also be done at their downtown office for pre-arranged discount.

  3. NSTs: This is fetal monitoring done when a woman is overdue or has abnormal pregnancy testing or decreased fetal movement. The fee for NST is $59.00 with a credit card, or $50.00 with cash/check. Each NST is payable at time of service.

  4. HOSPITAL: Hospital fees are separate from ours! Hospital charges for use of facilities and supplies, WSMA charges for provider attendance (prenatal care and birth) and other outpatient care. They have their own self pay plan, which is approximately $3,500 for a 2-day hospital stay.

Newborn admission and discharge in the hospital must be done by family physician or pediatrician who is on staff at WSH. We can recommend a physician if you do not have one.

Public Aid / Kid Care Patients

With great sadness we are no longer able to accept Public Aid/Kid Care clients. If you have Illinois Public Aid, we ARE able to offer a discount self-pay option for our services. All hospital charges, ultrasounds, and laboratory CAN BE BILLED THROUGH PUBLIC AID. Thus your cost out of pocket would be limited on only the Nurse-Midwifery care you receive in our office. This is the same as the global fee you may find above in the Self Pay Option tab.

Additional Billing Details

Secondary Coverage
West Suburban Midwife Associates does not bill secondary insurance. If you carry an additional policy, you may self-submit your claims to your secondary insurance.

Cancellation, No-Show or Change of Appointment
Please give us as much notice as possible if you must change an appointment. We want to be as flexible and available as possible to all patients. Please be advised there may be a fee for appointments that are missed, cancelled or rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice.

Baby Charges
We will always examine your baby before we leave your birth room! Thus there will be charges for a newborn exam.