Birth Center

The midwives of West Suburban Midwife Associates attend births at West Suburban Hospital's Family Birthplace, which features both traditional birthing rooms and 2 Alternative Birthing Center (ABC) rooms. Each of the ABC Rooms include a free-standing birthing tub, a queen-size bed, bathroom with shower, microwave, refrigerator, cd player, and free wireless internet! The ABC rooms are located on the 6th floor of West Suburban Hospital, in between Labor and Delivery and Postpartum Units.

WSMA nurse-midwives admit almost all patients to the ABC, including VBAC!

Birth Center room
Birth Center room
Birth Center room tub
Admission and use of the Alternative Birth Center rooms has some basic requirements, such as adequate prenatal care, completion of a childbirth education course (such as Bradley Method, Informed Beginnings, Brio Birth or HypnoBirthing), attending the ABC Orientation Class, full-term pregnancy (37 weeks), active labor, and a reassuring admission non-stress test (NST).

There are some circumstances that risk out of using the Alternative Birth Center rooms, such as twin gestation, induction of labor, current infection or fever on admission, or prolonged rupture of membranes without active labor.

Although rarely needed or used, use of medication for pain management is allowed in the ABC. No epidural anesthesia is used in the ABC rooms… if an epidural is decided we merely move down the hall to the standard labor room. Of course the midwife will stay with you!

You will learn more about the ABC Rooms and waterbirth when you attend the ABC Orientation Class. The class can be attended at any time- before or during pregnancy. Go to the West Suburban Hospital Website for Wellness Classes to see the ABC Orientation Class Schedule. To learn the class schedule call (866) 938-7256.

To learn more about the the ABC at West Suburban Hospital, go to Family Birthplace - West Suburban Hospital