Gayle Riedmann, Claire Michelsen, Tara Dethmers, Melissa Furlette-Koski, and Julie Brown are the Certified Nurse-Midwives at West Suburban Midwife Associates. 

CNM stands for Certified Nurse Midwife*, a title that requires both a nursing degree and a Masters of Science in midwifery. The midwives attend births exclusively at West Suburban Medical Center in Oak Park, Illinois.

West Suburban Midwife Associates is a unique CNM-owned midwifery practice, one of the few in Illinois. This means we are not governed by hospital, community health center or physician employment, which allows us to give the power of birth back to the woman – with support and encouragement from us.

We utilize non-intervention therapies to promote the natural progress of labor, such as hydrotherapy, optimal positioning, music, therapeutic touch and labor support. Our philosophy is that this your birth, and our role is to ensure safe passage for you and your baby.

We attend births at the Alternative Birthing Center of West Suburban Medical Center in Oak Park, Illinois. See our Birth Center page for more information.

Free 20 minute in-office consultations are available for prospective obstetric patients. Consultations are to answer any questions about our philosophy of care and general practice.  Please call the office at 708.848.3800 to schedule your appointment, or click the purple button above to register as a patient and make your first appointment.